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Tennis classes start back from the 13th April 2024 onwards for children aged 2 and over. Please see our booking forms and class locations pages for further information.

Why Tennis Tykes is a great activity for your child:-

  • In July 2011, the government launched guidelines recommending that children under 5 participate in at least 3 hours of physical activity a day
  • This advice is the first to target under-fives and is in the context of new research linking a lack of physical activity with poor brain development and social interaction
  • The good news, is that even in our climate when it’s harder for children to get outside and participate in active play, there are lots of opportunities for children to participate in the indoor Tennis Tykes classes
  • The classes also follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals.

Playing tennis at a young age is not only a fantastic way for children to enjoy a sport but studies* also show that it also provides these other amazing lifelong benefits:-

  • It is the best sport in ensuring great physical, emotional and mental well being
  • It promotes confidence
  • Is a great way of developing the ABCs of agility, balance and co-ordination; promoting gross and fine motor control
  • Tennis players score higher in vigour, optimism and self esteem than other athletes
  • Playing tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking and may generate new connections between nerves in the brain so promoting a lifetime of continuing development of the brain
  • Physical benefits keep childhood obesity at bay.

* Studies by Jack L. Groppel, PhD, a top scientist recently engaged by the US Tennis Association

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